TITLE Wholesale Baltic ambr natural Bracelets, natural Amber. PRICE PER PACKAGE
 MATERIAL Baltic amber, elastic rubber
 WEIGHT (GRAMS) ~18,4 grams or 0,64 oz
 SIZE (MM), length

Olive ~7,7 x 9,4 x 4,6 mm (0,3 x 0,37 x 0,18 inch)

Cognac chips ~9,9 x 4,3 mm (0,39 x 0,17 inch)

Cognac tube ~6 x 7,6 mm (0,23 x 0,3 inch), round beads ~5 mm/ 0,19 inch

Dark color tube ~7 x 10 mm (0,27 x 0,39 inch) ; round beads ~5 mm/ 0,19 inch

Length ~18 cm/ 7,1 inch

 PAYMENT bank transfer, paypal
 DELIVERY TIME 10-35 business days
 PACKAGE carton, plastic bag, other



Minimum order 1 package of goods. If you want a larger amount than is in stock, then please contact us. Goods are produced in 1-3 weeks, depending on the order volume and our opportunities.

XSTA AMBER sells wholesale price Baltic amber jewelry products. Baltic amber is engaged in production for 20 years, so has its product quality and authenticity. Baltic amber products are made in Lithuania, where the company is located in XSTA AMBER. Individual orders are combined payments, accounts, production and distribution. The largest provider Baltic amber in the Baltic region.

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