Wholesale Conditions

                                                                                              Wholesale Baltic amber jewelry




Orders are taken from our page www.amber-xsta.com or electronic message [email protected]
If you order goods from the page, then confirm your order within 24 hours. Our page - this is the only online payment orders without end. Confirmation of the order, you'll be sent a new invoice for payment.
If you're making an order in this way, then selected: product codes, enter the length of need, size, color, clasp.

Minimum order number 5 units. But in our online store and you will be able to find other options.
Please send us the VAT number if you have one.
Please send me good shipping address, because what happens is that the wrong address parcel travels elsewhere, or is returned to us.



You can pay for the goods: bank transfer or Paypal (Cash On Delivery). We accept the following conditions:

Paypal you can pay the amount to EUR 150
Bank transfer from the lowest amount to very large amounts.
If you visit our company, then accept cash.


3. Payment and goods disappearance

If you pay with Bank transfer or Paypal and disappeared sent your order, then you have no right to claim the money, because our company is not liable for loss or loss of parcels. Shipments with a simple parcel post Lithuania disappearances occur much more frequently than sending with UPS, TNT courier. Therefore, sending a package with cheaper postal service, you assume full responsibility for the loss of parcels. This means that the company is not obliged to return or compensate for lost parcels.


4. Shipment

Prepare and produce the goods according to the size of your order, the other customer orders, raw amber, holiday or vacation period.
If the item is in stock, then the goods are shipped after receipt of payment.
Goods sent by UPS, TNT, usually Lithuania registered mail.


5. Return of goods

Goods may be returned only if it has been not damaged. Amber is usually bought and tested: the fastening strength, breath (burning), broken pieces. If the goods have been sending up good, and later deformed or otherwise affected by the time of transfer - the company is not responsible for and shall not be obliged to compensate the damage or to take back the goods.
Items can be returned if an error was made in a different order.
Any associated costs shall be borne by the buyer, because the company does not have to include in its accounting system, because it requires special instruments all costs.


6. Authenticity

All XSTA Amber jewelry is genuine, produces only genuine amber jewelry. All certificates and list of members is found here: http://www.amber.org.pl/english/members/
XSTA AMBER is a member of the International Amber Association since 2012.
In case of doubt on the authenticity of the goods, please send the pictures (or want to make sure that our jewelry), please contact your laboratory operating in the country and carry out investigations. This way you will be able to guarantee its customers the authenticity of amber.


More information: [email protected]

Call: +370 63684758


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