Wholesale Conditions

                                                                                              Wholesale Baltic amber jewelry




Orders are taken from our page www.amber-xsta.com or electronic message [email protected] or mobile app
All production quantities are up to date so once payed we start collecting the order and preparing for shipping
If you're making an order in this way, then selected: product codes, enter the length of need, size, color, clasp.

Please send us the VAT number if you have one.
Please send me good shipping address, because what happens is that the wrong address parcel travels elsewhere, or is returned to us.



You can pay for the goods: bank transfer, Paypal or credit card through PayPal ( no need to have account with them). We accept the following conditions:

The fee for processing PayPal or credit card is for buyer. Our main company operations are done by banking system so we need to send money from PayPal

to our bank account and there is fee.


3. Payment and goods disappearance

We recommend to use courier services such as UPS. With them dissapearing rate is very low. By using simple post there is potential risk to parcel gone missing so we recommend not to use

simple post service for orders bigger than 400 eur. All parcels are insured but package search by shipping services are done after one month of not delivering counting from shipping time.


4. Shipment

Orders are prepared in one or two days for shipping during mon-fri. We always pack for maximum security of the goods so the transportation does not damage the goods inside.


5. Return of goods

Goods may be returned only if it has been not damaged or has manufacturing fault. Goods are not accepted and payment is not returned if products were stressed tested by  burning to see if its real or silimar experiments

6. Authenticity

All XSTA Amber jewelry is genuine, produces only genuine amber jewelry. 
XSTA AMBER is a member of the International Amber Association since 2012.
In case of doubt on the authenticity of the goods, please send the pictures (or want to make sure that our jewelry), please contact your laboratory operating in the country and carry out investigations. This way you will be able to guarantee its customers the authenticity of amber.


More information: [email protected]

Call or Viber (whatsapp): +370 63684758


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