About us


       Amber jewelry manufacturer and supplier. Our work spans over 25 years, while the company itself was founded in 2011. Every year, our company is expanding and seeking the best possible quality amber jewelry. Every year XSTA-AMBER Baltic amber participate in various exhibitions in Germany, Poland, France. Each of our customers can come to us and see our  company. Each of our customers can call us for more information about our activities and wholesale amber shop. 

        We refer to a number of key characteristics: quality of amber, amber supply customer satisfaction. Our aim is that every customer receives what he asks and receives high-quality amber products. Amber prices of consistent quality, so the client should not be surprised too much higher prices because XSTA AMBER-owned International Amber Association. This means that our amber products are not made of amber modified and made ​​from pure natural Baltic amber. However, we leave the right to choose their own customers on the status of amber if you want to be sure about the authenticity of amber, with us you will find everything you need.

        XSTA-AMBER ensure that:

¤ Amber and amber products, amber jewelry, amber stones are made ​​of genuine Baltic amber is not used for other impurities or vandalize it by pressing amber because amber is modified to explode on amber compression.

¤ Make sure each of our visitor's information confidential, that all information received will remain XSTA-AMBER company.

¤ Offer as a wider and more diverse range of products, try to make amber products are of high quality.

        All of the certificates only proves that XSTA-AMBER trying to make our amber is protected and verified.


The exhibition in Poland, Gdansk




       We participated at the exhibition in Gdansk. Each year, the exhibition will visit a lot, so every customer can come see amber products.


If you have questions please write to us:

                                                                                                Joint-stock company Ltd.
                                                                                                 Name: „XSTA-AMBER“
                                                                                          Address: Laisvės 85b st. 72310 
                                                                                                    Lithuania, Tauragė, 
                                                                                               Enterprise code: 302634508
                                                                                               VAT code LT100006162416
                                                                                             E-mail: [email protected]