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Amber necklaces

Discover amber necklaces in our collection. Best suited amber supplier for professionals. Either Physical or e-commerce shop owners.  Made in EU.

Materials used

Our shop offers a wide variety of necklaces to suit your needs. In our production we are using natural baltic amber material.  In our long producing years our main goal was to make quality products for this reason we have always tried to get highest quality materials, experiment with various threads and different kind of clasps. Countless experiments for many years with amber polishing to perfect the look it has today and all that for the sake of quality. With us - the quality is guaranteed.


Our standard length of amber necklaces are 45 cm (17.7 inch). In many cases for certain products lengths are 50 - 55 cm or more. Each of the product has a detailed information which lengths are available. If you wish certain model in different length you can always contact us with the product code and we will let you know if it's possible and in most cases it is possible.


Each of the product has options for either a length, size, weight which needs to be selected. If the quantity you are looking for to purchase is not in stock you can always contact us for more information. Other option could be to finish your order and we will contact you with time needed to manufacture. Time needed depends on the color, shape, size and general availability of materials. In some cases it could be few days in others few weeks and if the model is rare it could be we won't be able to manufacture it. So best option is to always make an inquiry.


Information regarding discounts and payments could be found in frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.


Detailed information is found in FAQ section.

Adults Baltic amber necklace mix Baltic amber contains succinic acid, a nontoxic, naturally occurring substance that releases into the bloodstream when placed in contact with skin’s warmth. Lightweight, warm, comfortable and stylish, an amber necklace may help to deliver natural pain relief..
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